Keep Calm and Quirion


The best teaching moments are when your students teach you

This week I learned something that I will forever remember. Since moving to Indonesia, I have seen many times in public or from pictures on Facebook of teachers or students, a hand symbol that I had no idea what it…

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Why I Ran

This weekend, I successfully completed my first running event. I have never run a marathon, half marathon, 10K or even a simple 5K, but I did manage to sign up for a half-marathon in 2013, one in 2015 and another…

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Pictures from my first week

Below are some pictures I took from my first week on site!  

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“Everything you do, do it with love”

“Everything you do, do it with love.” These were the genuine, sweet words from one my students I will be teaching this year. My first day of school was nothing short of amazing. I was introduced in front of over…

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My Journey to my Final Destination

  Well I’m finally in Balige, Northern Sumatra; my final destination, which will be home for the next ten months. I landed in Jakarta on Sunday, July 23rd and stayed until the 24th. In these few days I connected even…

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