The best teaching moments are when your students teach you

This week I learned something that I will forever remember. Since moving to Indonesia, I have seen many times in public or from pictures on Facebook of teachers or students, a hand symbol that I had no idea what it meant or why I saw everyone doing it. It was a hand symbol that looked like a clenched fist with the palm of the hand facing the person without the thumb and index finger. Both the thumb and index finger were pressed together in the shape of what I thought, looked like a V. Little did I know, this odd hand gesture with the thumb and index finger hanging out of the clenched fist, in what seems like an awkward snap of the finger, symbolizes a small heart. Like this:This hand symbol is to show love and admiration for another person in a friendly way. I thought to myself, “wow, this entire time I perceived it to just be an Indonesian thing that I didn’t know about because I have grown up on the other side of the world.” I asked my students what it was and they excitedly told me that it was the Korean sign for love. How cool. I would have never in my life known this if didn’t come here. This made me reflect on how important it is for one to open their minds and see the beauty of other parts of the world. It’s little moments like these that make me think of how thankful I am for these small moments of learning that in fact have a huge meaning and impact on my life.

Thanks kiddos.

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