Photographer for the weekend

This weekend I was asked by a dear friend to join on an organized trip from the Ministry of Culture & Tourism. I am currently working on my photography skills and learning the science behind the right type of lighting for the best portrait photography. Knowing this, she asked me to be the photographer for the tourists coming from Singapore to visit Lake Toba. I obviously screamed yes in excitement and just like that we were on our way to Parapat with the team. Our adventure began promptly at 6am the next day. We met the tourists from Singapore at the boat launch and boarded onto the ferry to Samosir Island. (In a previous blog post, I described how to get to the island). We took the same way and began our journey in the Batak Villages. Tourists learned the traditional TorTor dance, were educated on the Batak Culture and were told tales of the Batak people who lived on Samosir Island. img_2669img_2661img_2701

After photographing the tourists in the Batak Villages, we made our way to my absolute favorite place in Indonesia: Taman Eden 100
Taman Eden100 is a beautiful hidden gem, deep in the forest of North Sumatra. What’s even better? There is a little coffee shop right in the middle of the forest with a beautiful waterfall just a short walk ahead. Sherwood Black Coffee was named after the forest in Robin Hood, and is just as magical as the fairytale forest. Tuak trees, hundreds of bird species, siamangs, and enormous banana leaves cover the trails in this forest, along with the berry fields, passion fruit flowers, and the vast amounts of natural beauty. img_2754img_2761img_2865img_2829Every time I come here, I can honestly say that I become a better version of myself. Any negative thoughts, homesickness, things that have not gone my way or events that I simply have no control over disappear when I enter Taman Eden. I am always taken back by the sweet simplicity of everyone coming together and living in that very moment. Nothing else matters because I am where I am and only I’m in control of my thoughts and happiness.img_2778img_2777img_2793img_2817img_2805

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