Happy November

November; my favorite month. Not only is it my birthday month, it is also National Novel Writing Month. Writing has always been something that is enjoyable, soothing, and therapeutic for me. Throughout my school years, I have been able to whip up writing pieces that were quick, witty, and always right to the point. I was also able to BS a research paper that was due that very day with ease. Give me a quiet room, some old school rap, and I’m off in my own writing world. In high school, creative writing was my most memorable class. I will always remember my teacher that for that class because she told us that creative writing could be anything we wanted it to be. As long as you had words on paper and it came from within, then it was creative because it was yours. Although I often times skipped that class to be with my then boyfriend and smoke cigarettes behind the bushes in the school parking lot, (I wasn’t the best student), I have vivid memories of her writing pieces she shared with us. Much of her writing was about her beloved cats and she often ended her stories in tears because she loved them so much. Her writing was emotional, sentimental, and right from the heart. I loved listening to her stories, but I hated sharing mine. I always felt like they were stupid, pointless and not creative. I lacked confidence in my writing anytime it had to be creative because I was afraid about what others might think. When it was factual, such as a book report or essay, I had no doubt in my mind it was going to earn me a high grade, which it did. This makes me reflect back to when I was a child in elementary school and created some of the best writing pieces that I still hold close to my heart. Fairytales, stories about my stuffed animals coming to life, owls being my best friend, and finding a bear in the woods that turned into my pet, were all stories that I have such fond memories of writing about. It makes me wonder what changed in my writing style? Why did I become afraid of sharing my creative writing to the world? Even when it came to journaling, i have piled of notebooks and drawing pads of all my creative pieces from when I was a kid. Why did I stop? In honor of National Novel Writing Month, it’s time to put those fears aside and continue my creative writing. Stay tuned!

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