28 Lessons Learned by 28: C’est La Vie

Number One: C’est La Vie

I have found myself to be saying this much more recently. In these last few months here in Indonesia, there are many things that have been out of my control and well, c’est la vie. You might remember this song from one hit wonder group, B*Witched in the late 90’s (depending on how old you are). A cute, little catchy pop song by a girl band, who disappeared after this one song. I wonder where they are now? Anyways, this little phrase has much more meaning to it for me.

Side note: I have 15 tattoos and this is one of them. Every tattoo I have definitely does not 024have some symbolic meaning attached to it and most of them were spur of the moment, “hey I want a tattoo of this today” from my dear friend and tattoo artist. I have a compilation of flowers, birds, quotes and some religious tattoos that represent my Catholic religion, which I hardly go to church, but I thought they were cool to have. Although few have meaning, (probably three were tattooed because of meaning behind it), as the years go on, I find the meaning for them.


Back to C’est La Vie. In essence, this little French phrase, which I only got because of my French-Canadian roots, translates to, “It’s Life.” In other words, when things happen that don’t go your way, well that’s just the way it is. It is what it is. Deal with it, move forward and move on.

For pretty much my entire life, when things have not gone my way, I have cursed up and down, lost my cool, and probably lost some hair. No really. I never dealt with the things life throws at me in a positive way. It wasn’t until I wrecked my car in 2016 because of a random school bus who cut me off, causing the car in front of me to slam on their breaks (in the rain), and it just so happened that because I was behind them, I was at fault. Well, I had two choices; 1) freak out, start crying and call my dad, as I did with any other car trouble I had or 2) Breath, get out of the car, make sure everyone was okay and to just keep breathing. It took me about a full minute to compose myself and get out of my car and do option #2. I thanked God (about the only time my religiously symbolic tattoos have meaning) and figured it out on my own. Got my rental car, took care of the insurance BS and four days later, I decided to splurge on my dream car that I’ve wanted for 10 years. It just so happened that because my totaled car was not paid off (I’m pretty sure that I was lied to about this..C’EST LA VIE), I still owed money to the dealership! It also turns out that because I didn’t take down the bus number and the bus drove away, it was not the school districts problem! C’EST LA VIE!! Because honestly, the things that were going through my mind after my airbags deployed was to take down a school bus number.

Well again, C’EST LA VIE! I had a few options here. Either stay pissed off at the world, blame my problems on the universe being a jerk to me, or the classic, “why is this Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 5.44.34 PMhappening to me???” Instead, I simply shrugged my shoulders, called a dealership in Saco, Maine and asked them if they had a 2017 White Jeep Grand Cherokee available. They did. I drove down, signed the paperwork, put down a hefty down payment (because why save all your hard earned money.. YOLO)  and the keys were in my hand.

I love that vehicle because that in fact is a symbol of my hard work, my “adulting”, and my very first C’EST LA VIE eye opener. Sure, it’s a thing, and things don’t mean much. Experience is more and I know that. Right now, I am experiencing many c’est la vie moments here in Indonesia and you know, I love every single one of them. The fact that I’m still paying for a leased jeep in America that I am not driving could make one very angry and feel stuck, but to me, it is what it is! C’EST LA VIE!

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