There’s a reason they tell you not to dive in the shallow end..

img_1562I started my Sunday morning by reading a short article about irony. In her words, the author describes that showing who you are is scary and makes you vulnerable, but anything else is a waste of time. The author quotes,

we’re living in an age of irony; when we’ve made a bold claim, we’re quick to disown it , and when there’s something we truly enjoy, but feel it’s frivolous, we call it a guilty pleasure.” 

But why? This makes me really think of how sad it is that people in this day and age become so unbelievably offended by absolutely everything, which in turn makes “real” people such a rareity. People are too afraid to be direct and to speak their minds in case they might make someone upset. I won’t get into this because I’ll never stop rambling, but all in all, the message I got from this article was that I should never be ashamed of who I am and to own everything I do.

The only way to reach another person deeply, is by speaking and acting from the depth of your heart. What even is depth?.. in case you were wondering, depth is the profundity of thought; deepness, wisdom, understanding, intelligence, sagacity, insight and brilliance. There are too many people who are unable to speak from the depth of their hearts and entire being, therefore they are shallow, which is the opposite of depth. Kind of like the deep end of the pool and the shallow end…never dive in the shallow end. One lesson in life and love the universe has taught me a few times. The only way to ever achieve anything in life is to be whole, sincere and authentic. The only way to ever touch ones heart is to speak from your own heart. That includes never having to hide your values and beliefs that have shaped who are, owning ALL of your good & bad habits while being able to laugh at them, and being able to fully love the shit out of yourself at every moment of every day, which is why this year I left every ounce of makeup in America. Anyone who can’t appreciate your inner and outer natural beauty has no place in your life.img_1564

The article describes that if mockery is your approach to life, meaning everything is false and covered up about the real you, you will keep your distance from the things that will move your heart. Opportunities will continue to be missed, and your chance to make a mark on this earth will be gone. Today I’m closing my eyes with the thought of how I will never allow myself to dive into the shallow end of life. Sure, it’s scary to dive in the deep end, but what will you get from diving in the shallow end?


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