Independence Day 08/17/17

img_1504My awesome co-teacher, Ibu Olivia and I. I started my day off at 8:00 am by going to the town stadium in Balige. Here, Civil Servants, also known as teachers employed through the government sector, aka public school teachers, participated in a walking event around the town of Balige. Here, the local public schools in the region joined together in this walk through town celebrating Indonesia’s freedom. Unfortunately, I stayed for about five minutes until the smell of durian made me extremely nauseous in the heat and I ended up going home. If you have never had that fruit before, I recommend that you taste test it first before having it! Also, if someone is kind to offer you this fruit, don’t be afraid to say you don’t like it. I felt bad and kept eating it.. Yikes! The pale face and rosy cheeks definitely show how sick I was feeling!


img_1442After going home and sleeping it off, I was able to participate in some pretty cool school activities! Here, the students and teachers had different competitions, ate lots of delicious food, and enjoyed watching students work together in various games and events. I even participated in Tug of War; teachers against students edition! It was great to see everyone working together and the school staff and students coming together in such an important day in Indonesia’s history.


To read more about Indonesia’s Independence Day click this link:

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