From Jakarta to Balige

I’m a little late on the blog post and already not living up to my bi-weekly postings! But hey, jam karet right? In Indonesian, that stands for “rubber time” aka not having to worry so much about the timing of everything in life. I feel that this way of living should 6EDC9B3B-1377-4CA6-9C4C-82B750B0B54Fbe embraced much more. I sure know that I am embracing every moment of it and absolutely love this way of living. Something I have noticed these last few weeks of my time in Indonesia, is the laid-back environment and the cool, calm and collected attitude towards life. Family time and relaxation are more important than working. The common saying of “living to work” is what I have been used to and working 80 hours a week has been my normality. Now that I am here, I am seeing life through a different lens and enjoying the “jam karet” way of living. Here, I am learning how to be patient, flexible and learning to love the unpredictable moments that life may throw while accepting, adapting and moving forward.

Anyways, these past couple of weeks have been a wealth of new information and meeting new people in the busy city of Jakarta. My brain has been doing cartwheels around Bahasa Indonesia, teaching, new connections and a lot of excitement for what the future holds!


I arrived back to Balige from Jakarta on Sunday and I am so happy to call this my home for the next ten months! Cheers to IMG_1265new beginnings and good luck to my fellow ETAs back at their sites.

As I reflect back, I can’t help but think that if I didn’t believe in myself, I would not be where I am today. Thanks to one of my former students for pointing that out to me; you will forever be with me. From monument to monument and country to country, anything is possible if you give yourself the power to believe in yourself and know what you are capable of.


Keep calm and Jam Karet folks. ‘Till next time!

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