My Journey to my Final Destination


Well I’m finally in Balige, Northern Sumatra; my final destination, which will be home for the next ten months. I landed in Jakarta on Sunday, July 23rd and stayed until the 24th.

Gado-gado 24/7/17

Gado-gado (Indonesian or Betawi) or also known as Lotek (Sundanese and Javanese)

In these few days I connected even more with my fellow ETAs and had a blast doing so! I had my very Indonesian meal called Gado-gadowhich was delicious. According to my taste buds and to google, gado-gado is an Indonesian salad consisting of steamed vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, boiled potato, fried tofu and tempe and served with a peanut sauce dressing. So many authentic flavors in one dish & I can’t wait to eat it again!

One thing I noticed was the amount of cats in Jakarta! Stray cats everywhere! I just want to take them all with me and hold them, but I have to remember these are not house cats, they are stray cats 😦

Exploring Jakarta

After returning back to the hotel room, it was time to pack and sleep since the next day it was time to reach our final destinations. Waking up at 2:45am while being jet-lagged 10 months of my life in these bags!from previous days, and having your sleep schedule completely off was actually pretty easy! I’m not sure where I’ve gotten this energy from, but I sure am thankful for it. We took the shuttle to the airport at around 4:30 am, flight took off 8:10, and I was in the air by 9:30 and landed in the beautiful city of Balige at around 10:30. After meeting my awesome counter-parts at the airport, we grabbed a cab and headed to my home.

Everyones question so far has been, “how do you feel? are in culture chock?” My answer: I feel great and I am taking everything in day by day. I am loving the new culture and the way of life the people of Balige live. They follow the traditional Batak culture. I am learning so many new things everyday, this being one of them. The Batak Culture is a term used to identify ethnic groups found in Northern Sumatra. Bahasa Indonesia is not their first language, Batak is. My co-teacher even invited me to a traditional Batak wedding August 24th and I am so excited and very thankful to be invited.

After a very long and exciting day, I was finally beginning to feel what the term “jet-lag” means. brain was heavy, foggy and I felt like I was in a dream. My first night I slept like a rock for a solid 8 hours.


Until next time readers.

4 Comments on “My Journey to my Final Destination

  1. Thanks for following my blog and welcome to Indonesia. If you search through my article you’ll find my visit to Toba lake some years ago. Batak is not something new to me because my wife is from Parapat, hope you will visit this place during your stay. I visited Balige once a long time ago, a lovely small city. Enjoy your stay.

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